Rhino Scoliosis Center

Before and After


I was in a bad bike accident that broke my upper back (compression fractures). I was put in a back brace for several weeks, and then I returned to Parkour even though my spine was out of whack. I didn’t want to accept how bad it was, but  then I came to Rhino, and Dr. Jane helped me to see the reality of the situation.  I worked hard, and I continue to work hard at home, and thanks to Rhino I’m already back to business as usual. Check me out!


I first found out I had scoliosis at my home.  I was wearing a bikini and my mom noticed that something was wrong with the way my hips were shaped.  Then we noticed that one of my shoulder blades stuck out further than the other.  My mom took me to a few doctors and they were not much help; all they had to say was that I had scoliosis and I either needed to wear a brace or get surgery – which I refused immediately. A few days later my parents found the Rhino Scoliosis Center.  They told me I would go in every other day of the week and do special exercises to reduce the curve in my spine.  I did not completely understand the whole concept of the Rhino Scoliosis Center, but I was looking forward to reducing my curve.  At the start I was nervous and did not know what to expect but after a few days of coming in, I quickly got the hang of it.  At the end of my treatment series I was shocked by how much my curve had reduced!

I am so grateful to Dr. Jane, Nicole and everyone at Rhino for how much they have done for me!

This is an excerpt from a note from Skylar’s Dad, Brian, during which he is talking about his experiences with other doctors before they found RSC:

An Orthopedic doctor, an ”expert” in scoliosis told us: “Yeah, she’s got scoliosis. An S-curve. Nothing you can do about it. Bracing doesn’t work. Best to just enjoy the time you have and we’ll see her in 6 months when we’ll probably have to schedule surgery.”

He said those words like he was reading out of a dictionary. Monotone, steady cadence, no emotion, looking at the x-ray, not us… Read More…


Before I came to Rhino, I was told my curves were bad and that surgery was recommended. Of course I was scared, and I didn’t know what to think. I’m from a small town, and at first the big city was intimidating . The folks at Rhino made me feel at home right away. Now, I’ve been through two rounds of care, and already I’ve seen many good changes, and I feel so much better. I’ve also made good friends here, and started some new positive habits. Visiting Rhino has changed me for the better. Thanks Dr. Jane!

                                                                   Blow golf with Nicole and Abby!


This is Victoria. Within 5 weeks her diligent work yielded fantastic results – a 36% reduction in curve! Now she is back in the saddle!



Serena reduced her curve by 34%, and 6 months of dedication helped her maintain those improvements!  We’re so proud of you, Serena, for achieving your Black Belt!


Sometimes you don’t need much time to see big time results. Enter Jason: After only 2 days, his side and back curves were reduced by 41% and 29% respectively. Then it’s back to flying off slopes! Go, Jason!