Rhino Scoliosis Center

About Dr. Jane Leavell

Dr. Jane Leavell, DC

Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, Dr. Jane Leavell attended Ambassador College in Big Sandy (TX) and Pasadena (CA) before receiving her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer College in Davenport (IA) in June 2000. She graduated with honors and was recognized for excellence frequently during her studies, including a recruitment scholarship and nomination for an award for clinical excellence. Following her education, Dr. Leavell taught post-graduate education for chiropractors in spinal bio-mechanics for several years. She also developed and taught continuing education courses in Kinesiology.


Due to her drive to do things people say are impossible, Dr. Leavell became heavily involved in the treatment of challenging spinal conditions like scoliosis and Scheuermann’s Disease. She has  focused particularly on the emerging revolutionary techniques which seek to provide effective alternatives to bracing and surgery for those who suffer the most severe forms of these diseases. Perceiving a widespread outcry for alternative treatment, Dr. Leavell was compelled to create Rhino Scoliosis Center in 2003. She has formed a team that is passionate about providing spinal care that doesn’t involve bracing or surgery. She holds the distinction of being the only female doctor in the world to develop her own independent treatment protocol for scoliosis and Scheuermann’s Disease.


Currently the Clinical Director of Rhino Scoliosis Center and Founder of The Leavell Foundation, her practice focuses almost exclusively on non-surgical solutions for scoliosis, and attracts patients from all over the U.S. and from other countries. She is sought out for her clinical expertise and continues to coach and mentor individual doctors of chiropractic in case management and treatment plan development for postural correction.


In her “spare” time, Dr. Leavell can be seen participating in triathlons, playing with her Shiba Inu puppies, and enjoying the company of her friends.