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Ancient Remedy That Helps Cold-weather Scoliosis Pain

benefits-epsom-salt-bathAs winter arrives here in Denver, Colorado, many of my patients with scoliosis and kyphosis are having weather-related pain.  We probably all know a “grandma” who can predict bad weather better than the local weatherman.  Why does this happen?

While scientists have not come to a full agreement on the cause, it usually shows up as pain in and around joints that have been injured or stressed.  One type of joint stress caused by scoliosis is that one’s body weight is not evenly distributed from right to left, which causes the joints on one side of the spine to bear more weight that the other.  Here’s a tip that will help you not let the weather stop you cold.

It’s the simple “Epsom salt” bath!  Epsom salt is actually a naturally-occuring mineral that is made from magnesium and sulfate, acquiring its name from one of the earliest places it was discovered at Epsom in Surrey, England.    Studies have shown that both magnesium and sulfate are readily absorbed through the skin, allowing you to enjoy the health benefits of both these minerals.

Magnesium is very important to the body’s normal function. It regulates the activity of hundreds of enzymes.  These enzymes regulate inflammation, and help nerves and muscles function correctly.  Sulfate flushes toxins and has a role in the formation of joint proteins.

It’s easy to try!  Just pour two cups of Epsom salt into a bath full of water that is somewhere between warm and hot.  Soak for at least 15 minutes, and enjoy it longer if you have time.  Have a big glass of ice water within reach. You will find it delightfully refreshing, and it will help with the toxin flush as well.

Add this tip to your bag of tricks that help you with aches and pains, and have a great winter!

Really warm regards,

Dr. Jane