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Back to School – Tips for Kids with Scoliosis

apple abcHello, friends!

It’s back to school season!  Here are a few things to make it easier (and safer) for kids with scoliosis.

    ✓  Keep that backpack light!  Clean it out regularly and don’t keep any unnecessary items in it.

    ✓  Get a second set of books.  Keep one at home and one in your locker.  Visit your locker between classes to get the book you need for the next class.  (RhinoKidz™, contact us if you need a letter for your school to give you the second set of books.)

    ✓  Use a binder with loose-leaf paper instead of separate notebooks for each class.  It’ll help cut down on added weight in your backpack.

    ✓  Wear your backpack correctly.  Wide straps are best and should be worn over both shoulders.


Follow these tips to be kind to your back, and have a great school year!

Warm Regards,

Dr. Jane


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