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When scoliosis first begins, it usually doesn’t have any symptoms.  As scoliosis progresses, one of the most distressful symptoms can be shortness of breath.  This can occur because the ribs press into the lungs as the spine curves, making it difficult to expand the lungs fully.

While decreased lung capacity is a common part of the aging process, it can occur in young people with scoliosis and can become disabling.

Some of the effects of decreased lung capacity:

  • decreased metabolic function due to shortage of oxygen
  • early fatigue during activities
  • general fatigue not related to other health issues
  • decrease in brain functions related to memory and concentration

A well-known study, called the Framingham Study, followed 5,200 people over 30 years.  It showed that people with larger lung capacity were healthier and lived longer.

Most of our scoliosis patients come to us with decreased lung volume, and almost all patients experience an increase in their lung volume after only one round of treatment.  This allows these patients to have increased energy, enjoy their activities more, do better in school, and participate more hardily in sports.


If you have any questions about lung volume and scoliosis, please contact us.  
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