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Free Scoliosis Screenings in June for Scoliosis Awareness Month!


Why is Scoliosis Awareness Month so important?

Many people have a vague idea of what scoliosis is (when your spine grows curvy instead of straight), but most are surprised to hear that one person out of 20 will get scoliosis.  (Learn more about scoliosis and treatment.)

In my practice, I frequently hear parents say “I feel guilty because I never noticed.”  This is why National Scoliosis Awareness Month is so important.  If we begin a national discussion about scoliosis, parents will be made aware of the early postural changes that signal the beginnings of a scoliosis curve.  That means that curves will be smaller when treatment begins, which greatly improves outcomes.


What are the early signs of scoliosis?

Early signs of scoliosis include:

  • One shoulder is lower than the other
  • A hip is kicked out to one side
  • The waist is uneven from one side to the other
  • Clothes don’t hang right (a shirt collar shifts more to one shoulder, hemlines are uneven)
  • Head tilts to one side


How can I find out if my child has scoliosis?

In honor of Scoliosis Awareness Month, Rhino Scoliosis Center is offering free scoliosis screenings in our clinic during the month of June.  Contact us to schedule your free screening.

  • Takes 10 minutes or less
  • No disrobing
  • Pictures taken in front of posture grid
  • Time with the doctor to discuss the pictures


What if I don’t live near your clinic?

I am reviewing posture photos from anyone who wants to send them.  Please email them to info@RhinoSC.com.  Take the picture from the front, with arms hanging straight down.  It is best to wear form-fitting clothes.  I am happy to discuss my findings with you, free of charge.


Scoliosis . . . the sooner detected, the better corrected.


So, let’s all check our kids this month, and do our part to prevent bracing and scoliosis surgery.

Warm regards,

Dr. Jane

Free Scoliosis Screenings in June to celebrate Nat'l Scoliosis Awareness Month!