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RHINO Featured in Women’s Edition – November 2014

Rhino Scoliosis Center is featured in the November 2014 Denver Women’s Edition.  Find the original online post here.

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Rhino Scoliosis Center

By Angela J. Ennis

How do you know if your child has scoliosis? Scoliosis is defined as a side-to-side curvature of the spine, or an “s” curve. Dr. Jane Leavell explains parents can detect signs of scoliosis, such as uneven shoulders or hips, the tilt of the head, or clothes not fitting symmetrically. Leg pain and back pain can also be a sign of scoliosis. If you’re unsure of what to look for, the Rhino Scoliosis Clinic performs initial screenings for scoliosis. It takes only a few minutes and simply involves having the child’s photograph taken in front of a large poster-sized grid. Children do not have to remove any clothing, which allows children and parents both to be completely at ease. If there are indications of atypical posture, Dr. Jane recommends a more comprehensive evaluation that includes x-rays and a medical history. She emphasizes that her practice is not limited to treating children, and adds, “Our eldest patient is in her 80’s.”

Treatments for confirmed cases of scoliosis begin in Dr. Jane’s clinic. The Rhino Scoliosis Correction is a “process,” she stresses, beginning with a concentrated series of therapies that train the brain to pay attention to the position or posture of the body. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are first warmed up and stretched, and then individually-specific therapies are delivered. The brain’s response reduces the scoliosis and lessens the curvature of the spine.

Clinical treatment plans are tailored to individual patient needs, depending on the severity of their condition, how close they live to the clinic, and schedules. Dr. Jane shares that she has many clients who come to her from other states and even other countries. Follow-up involves a home exercise program supported by unequalled doctor access. This part of the process requires a dedicated commitment from the patient and the patient’s family in order to be successful. “When they understand there doesn’t have to be a brace or surgery in their future, this commitment isn’t hard to keep,” Dr. Jane laughs; “but when a patient is down or discouraged or tired, they can call me or send me an email and I’ll help them get through it,” she adds. Dr. Jane says she also celebrates her patient’s success along the way.

Ashley Sakker has reasons to celebrate. Her daughter, Sophia, was five years old when they discovered she had scoliosis. At a meeting with an orthopedic specialist, Ashley and her husband were told that their daughter’s condition was in trouble. She explains, “He told us we can either brace her today or wait six months and then do surgery. We didn’t have a good idea of what scoliosis was at the time, but the whole thing was scary.” She discussed the situation with her chiropractor, and he suggested that she contact Rhino Scoliosis Center. She exclaimed, “Our first visit with Dr. Jane was amazing. We were so impressed with how engaged and involved she was with all of us. She treated us like family.” Ashley added that Dr. Jane took the time to make sure their family understood the condition and walked them through treatment process. “She broke the treatments down to 3 days a week for two months, and developed a daily exercise routine for Sophia to do at home,” Ashley elaborated. She said the treatments began over a year ago and her daughter’s condition was corrected without ever having to use a brace. “Our experience with Dr. Jane changed her life! She’s a first grader and very sensitive. A brace would have devastated her.”

Dr. Jane Leavell

Dr. Jane Leavell

Dr. Jane takes tremendous pride in what she does for her patients. She is determined to stop and decrease scoliosis without braces or surgery. “My personal drive is to do things people say can’t be done,” she says, adding that she teaches her patients that they, too, have the ability to do the impossible. “I have kids who think they’ll never play sports or be successful in other aspects of life because of scoliosis, and they go on to accomplish amazing things,” she beams.

Dr. Jane will offer free scoliosis screenings during November. Call the office to schedule an appointment at 303-452-7300. Rhino Scoliosis Center is located at 4045 Wadsworth Blvd. Suite #30, Wheat Ridge, CO. For more information visit the website at www.RhinoSC.com.

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