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Are You Too Old to Reduce Your Scoliosis?

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People with scoliosis who are “older” often wonder if their age disqualifies them from Rhino Scoliosis Reduction™.  I even hear this question from people as young as their 20’s. Concurrent conditions, like degenerative disc disease or osteoporosis, can make scoliosis patients feel like they have forever been left behind.  But, it’s a misconception that only teenagers can achieve scoliosis reduction and stabilization.

Our RhinoKid Donna

Allow me to tell you about Donna, my 83 year-old RhinoKid.  When she came to Rhino at age 76, she had a 55º scoliosis with advanced degeneration and ligament damage.  She leaned forward from her waist and couldn’t hold her head up straight.  She loved to walk, but within five minutes she had to sit to let the pain subside.  In a last ditch effort to avoid surgery, she came in for an exam.  I told Donna that I wasn’t sure if her scoliosis or her pain could be reduced, but that I was willing to try.

Donna’s results surprised even me!  We were able to reduce her 55º curve to 39º, improve her posture to where she stood upright with her “head on straight,” and extended her ability to walk pain-free to over 30 minutes.  But best of all, surgery was off the table.  Seven years later, Donna is still holding her own.  At her most recent exam, her scoliosis measured in at 41º, an amazing testimony to Donna’s dedication to her home spinal rehab program exercises and the body’s ability to heal.  Thank you, Donna, for teaching me that no age is “too old” to improve!

RhinoKid Donna in the Chair of Cheer

Whatever your pain levels or other diagnoses, we at Rhino work within your tolerances and capabilities.  We push you as much as we can during your Rhino Sprint™ (Rhino’s one-week scoliosis reduction program) while checking in with you frequently to see how you’re doing.  With your feedback, we modulate your treatment so that you get the maximum amount of improvement without exacerbating your symptoms or conditions.  The icing on the cake is that you go home with a rehab program specifically designed for you, and you’ll be supplied with all the equipment you will need for your spinal exercises.  Over time, with daily dedication to your exercises, we expect your pain levels to continue to improve, and for your scoliosis to continue to reduce and eventually stabilize at a new set point.  We have seen that people are able to enjoy many of the sports and activities that they thought they could never do again.  What would you do again if you could? 

Because every patient is different, you will need to be assessed to see if Rhino Scoliosis Reduction™ is a fit for you.  I offer a free phone consultation in which we discuss your particular situation, challenges, and goals.  By the end of the call, you will know if a Rhino Sprint™ is right for you and what reasonable outcomes you can achieve.

If you find yourself wondering if you are “too old” for scoliosis and pain reduction, please contact us without delay!  The younger you are, the faster you heal, and you’ll never be younger than you are today . . .

Dr. Jane


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